8 stats you should care about as an instragram creator

8 Stats You Should Care About as an Instragram Creator

So you create content on Instagram? We all know how hard it can be to grow your following consistently and stay on the algorithm's good side. Here are some stats that you can start thinking about to better understand your channel's growth.

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Engagement rate

Engagement rate is the one stat that gets talked about the most. It’s a measure of how engaged your audience is with your content. It’s calculated as the percentage of your followers that like, comment or share your content. Naturally, the higher the better. The average on Instagram is roughly 3% (higher with smaller followings, lower as your account grows).

Fake followers

Fake followers - everyone gets them, there’s not much we can do about that. How to spot fake followers is worth its own article, but it’s worth checking how much of your audience is made up of them. Usually, anything up to ~25% fake followers is ok. Higher than that, and you can start to lose credibility and suffer from lower engagement rates, as fake followers usually don’t interact with your content.

What can you do if you've got a lot of fake followers? Don’t worry, you can easily remove followers. It may seem counterintuitive to remove followers when you're trying to grow your following, but while a high follower count looks great, your content will be seen by more people if your audience is engaged. Brands will also be more interested in working with you if your audience is authentic and engaged.

Hopefully it goes without saying that you shouldn’t ever buy followers. These are inevitably low quality, fake followers who don’t engage with your content, and they usually do more harm than good.

Notable followers

Have you checked your followers list for any notable followers? Make a note of your biggest followers and start engaging with their content. They follow you for a reason, so why not reach out? It could be a chance to connect and collaborate!

Audience interests

It's a good idea to know who your audience are, and what they're interested in. Now hopefully, they share your interests, but are there other interests that you could appeal to? For example if you post about your travels around the world, and lots of your audience are foodies, you might consider posting about the food that you're enjoying on your travels too. It might just unlock a whole new audience for you.

Recent post performance

This one might be a bit more obvious, but it's good to step back and look at which of your posts were the most successful. Think about what worked well and what didn't in each of your posts and try to replicate that winning formula from your successful content!

The last few stats that we're going to cover are aimed more at creators who are working with brands, or those who plan to in the future.

Brand affinity

By looking at your follower base, we can get an idea of which brands your followers are interested in. We call this brand affinity. This can be a good starting point for matching content creators up with brands for sponsorships.

Audience lookalikes

It can be helpful to find a range of profiles that are similar to yours in their following. Try to find profiles with a similar audience of a range of sizes. Keep a note of them and check in on them regularly to see what's working well for them in their content. Also keep an eye on their brand partnerships. They could be good options for you to work with too, or perhaps other similar companies.

Paid post performance

Paid post performance is a really useful measure. Sometimes, sponsored content doesn’t resonate as well with your audience as your usual content. Restrictions the brand sets might stifle your creativity, or maybe the brand you're working with isn’t the perfect fit for you.

By comparing how well your sponsored posts do with the rest of your content, you can get an objective idea of how well your paid content does. If your paid posts don’t do as well, it may be a sign that you can improve your sponsored content. Work on making it feel more organic and authentic, and consider being more selective about who you work with.

Brands will care about how the content you put out for them will perform, so if you can put the effort in to improve this stat, it will certainly pay you back in the long run!


So there you have it! Lot's of stats that you should care about. You may use some of these already, but we hope that there's been some new ideas in here for you. If you want to see these stats for your account, check out https://influent.digital, where you can get a detailed profile with all of these measures and more. Your profile is updated each month, so you can track your progress and supercharge your follower growth!

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